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  • When you open up an account in traditional banks, be it savings or currents account, you need to register, deposit a sum of money and verify said account with said banks. Then, you will receive a debit card containing your stored money to start withdraw your funds or just simply as a medium of transaction. The principle of card are the same with wallet. This guide is for desktop or laptop devices users that does not have any kind of e-wallet, nor does the users have any significant knowledge about creating and setup a wallet. Coinzer wallet is exclusively generated on Waves Platform . Step 1 Open your browser of choice ( Edge , Chrome , Opera , Mozilla , Safari and more) . For this guideline, I will be using Chrome. Step 2 Hover to your search bar, and key in Waves Platform or go to this link This is Waves official website. Before we proceed to the third step, we first must identify the device you are currently using. Step 3.a So, let just say you are on your personal, home computer or laptop, please do proceed with " Download Client (Beta) " (it is a Desktop Wallet) . Next, choose your operating system , for the sake of this guide, I am on Windows. Click your operating system and this will download “ WavesClient-1.0.0-beta.X-win ". Downloading Waves Desktop Client (Beta) Windows Version Step 3.b IF you are using a public , or office devices , please proceed and click the " Online Client (Beta) " button (it is actually a web-based/browser Wallet) . This action will pop out a new window tab, and it will redirect you to the wallet interface. Opening Waves Web-Based/Online (Beta) Next, whether you are using the Desktop Wallet or Web-Based Wallet version, the interface and process of this wallet creation is pretty much identical. 3.b(1) Shows the nitty-gritty infographic about your SEED. So, assuming you are using the Online Client , after step 3.b , click " What you need to know about your SEED " button and read its content carefully, after that click " I Understand " button to proceed. The "Create New Account" section will be next. 3.b(2) Shows the creation of wallet. When creating a new wallet, it is highly-recommended to write down your details , both digital copies and physical copies, so that your account can be recover in the future . First, choose your avatar , insert your account name , including a hefty, secured password . Next, you will be greeted with 15-Word Secret Phrase word. Think of this as your card number, so that you can identify your wallet, without exposing your account name. Save the SEED, similarly both on digital copy, and physical copy. COINZER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WALLET OR FUND LOST DUE TO SELF-NEGLIGENCE.
  • From left: Dato' Shamsuddin Hayroni, Dato' Norddin Lasar and Mr. Md Maududi Md Nazri KUALA LUMPUR , 11 April 2018 – A handover of documents ceremony for the 10-Megawatt Mini Hydro Project in Sungkai, Perak was held in Publika, Solaris Dutamas between Majulia Sdn Bhd and DL Trade Networks (M) Sdn Bhd. The event was held to commemorate the negotiation and due diligence exercise by both parties in developing the mini hydro power plant, which is expected to be valued at more than RM250 million upon completion. The handover ceremony was attended by Majulia Sdn Bhd Chairman, Dato’ Shamsudin Hayroni and legal advisor, Puan Thania Rohaina Abdul Latif. DL Trade Networks (M) Sdn Bhd was represented by its Group Executive Chairman, Dato’ Mohd Norddin Lassar and Chief Executive Officer En Md Maududi Md Nazri. “This exercise is in line with Coinzer’s roadmap to spearhead financial technology (fintech) development in Malaysia, as designed in our White Paper,” said Dato’ Norddin. “Blockchain technology would enable us to tap fintech’s infinite potential and rapidly spur economic growth. But we need cheap efficient clean energy to make this happen, and the mini hydro power plant is the answer.” The mini hydro power plant, with 10MW output capacity would cater the contracted supply to the national grid, in accordance with the Renewable Energy Act 2011. The power plant would also generate sufficient power supply for the consumption of a state-of-the-art hydro mining facility to support the ever-growing transaction activities for its fintech platform. The estimated gross development value (GDV) for both projects are RM100 million and RM150 million respectively. The negotiations began in February 2018 and are now in the stage of feasible studies and financial due diligence. “Since we started negotiations earlier this year, we have yielded very fruitful outcomes for both parties,” said Dato’ Shamsuddin. DL Trade Network (M) Sdn Bhd, the developer of Coinzer, would be leading the development of the Sungkai mini hydro power plant, and oversee the whole fundraising exercise for the project that would be introduced in the near future. “Our aim is to build the world’s largest hydro mining facility of its kind,” said En Md Maududi. “But fintech-based mining activities consume a lot of power. The good thing is Malaysia has the resources to generate affordable and renewable energy that we can tap on.” The updated Coinzer White Paper is available for review at
  • With mobile push notifications, you’ll always be up to date with everything that happens on your forum. To sign up for push notifications, head to your Profile Page > Settings. Once you opt in for push notifications you’ll get notified when people like your posts, leave comments and when someone you follow publishes a post.